Ever since I discovered the art of creating photographs, the camera has never ceased to amaze me. Its magical ability to capture a scene, freeze a moment in time, and bring it to life is truly remarkable.  As with the photograph above, it was July 21, 2020 and Comet Neowise was going to be at its closest distance to Earth on its way back into deep space.  Since it was going to be visible at dusk for only a few more days, I wanted to capture the ancient comet in a suitable place.  Only one place came to mind – the Trona Pinnacles in Death Valley National Park, California. Not knowing if the sky would be clear or if we would hit any traffic on the way up, my brother and I left San Diego regardless late that morning and made the 6-hour trek into the desert. I only had a 45-minute window to capture the great show in the sky.  According to astronomers, the comet won’t be back around this way for another 6,800 years. 

Sometimes a photograph is worth a thousand miles…

Randuz Romay