American (b.1972)

Randuz Romay is a first-generation American visual artist of Spanish and Honduran descent who has been creating photographs for more than 30 years as both a fine art and commercial photographer. A San Diego-based creative, Randuz is native to the East Coast by birth and indigenous to the West Coast by nature. He has developed a beautiful style of photography that is unique and intentional, with subjects ranging from land- and oceanscapes to portraits and abstracts.

Randuz’s body of work can be traced back to his first high school photography class assignment. His task was to create an abstract photograph. With the backdrop of his hometown, Kearny, New Jersey, Randuz found beauty in a dilapidated railroad electrical box that earned the admiration of his teacher, Mr. John Bernarczyk. Randuz's life-long pursuit of visual story-telling was born.

Being part of the last generation of the film era, Randuz continued his photography education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Through studying the works and methods of the great masters of the 20th Century, such as Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier Bresson, Randuz established his process and approach that became the foundation for his distinct style.

In 1999, Randuz co-founded Injinji Footwear with his brother and forged a new market in the athletic footwear industry as the world’s first performance toe-sock company. Utilizing his knowledge of photography and composition, Randuz established Injinji's successful global brand identity and direction.

​Following Injinji, Randuz went on to form Romay Media Group (RMG), an award-winning media production company specializing in story-telling for non-profit and for-profit organizations, including United Way, International Rescue Committee, San Diego Council on Literacy, and the University of California San Diego.

In 2012, Randuz reached another milestone when his abstract photograph, “Basketball Blues,” was selected as one of the top 200 images from more than 17,000 submissions in the world-renowned Art of Photography Show. This achievement launched his next chapter – Randuz Romay Fine Art (RRFA). Later that year he would produce his first gallery show, “Moceanography,” a collection of ocean-inspired photographs from California and Baja Mexico.

With the launch of his online store in May 2022 (, featuring a collection of 50 of his favorite photographs, "The First 50," Randuz Romay Fine Art prints are available for purchase for the first time by the general public. Each photograph expresses his technical mastery of visual arts and his curiosity and innate ability to capture beauty in both the mundane and the extraordinary.